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Print copies are available from the VetDogs office and they also can be viewed here online.  To request printed copies of any of these materials, click here.

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is America's VetDogs official newsletter for donors, volunteers, and friends.  Sign up to receive your issue by clicking here

Sentinel Library
If you would like to read back issues of The Sentinel, click on each link to download the issue.


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America's VetDogs offers several brochures to learn more about our guide dog program and puppy program.  Click on the images below to open a PDF version of each brochure.

Committed To Serve provides an overview of our assistance dog programs.  It also includes information on how you can help us support our mission.  Click on the image below to open a PDF of this brochure.
Download the Committed to Serve.

Is a Service Dog Right for Me? and Is a Guide Dog Right for Me?  speaks specifically to our service and guide dog programs, including eligibility information and what to expect when on class.  Click on the brochure image to open a PDF of these brochures.
Download text only for the Service Dog version.
Download text only for the Guide Dog version.


Our Puppy Raising brochure
 provides additional details about being a volunteer puppy raiser.  It also includes a mail-in application.  Click on the image below to open a PDF of this brochure.
Download the text only version.