America's Vet Dogs


Service Dog Program Overview

In recent years, we have come to recognize that as our nation’s veterans age, and as our wounded soldiers return home from preserving the peace, security and providing for the defense of the United States, there would be a greater need for guide dogs and other specialized service animals. The VetDogs program was created so that America’s veterans would have the opportunity and the chance to live with pride and self-reliance once again. In addition to guide dogs, VetDogs will train and supply service dogs for veterans of all eras who have disabilities other than visual impairment. 

  • The hallmarks of the America's VetDogs program are the small classes and individualized instruction that each student receives.   
  • A meticulous matching program ensures that each visually impaired person is paired with the guide or service dog that best suits that person’s mobility, personality, lifestyle, and physical needs.
  • Click here to download "Is a Service Dog Right for me?" brochure.
Consumers attend our 10-day in-residence training program at our Smithtown, NY campus.

Upon graduation, handler and new service return home to start their new life together. 

  • At this point, they have begun to master all of the techniques they need to be successful based on the needs the team was trained to take on.
  • The team can return home confident and with a new feeling of independence.

 Together, the working team is a partnership for independence. 

Once you have gone through training with the Foundation’s VetDogs program, you are eligible for a lifetime of aftercare. Should you require follow-up training, our staff will arrange to work with you on any questions or concerns you might have in a prompt and professional manner, which may include a home site visit.

To make the students’ stay as comfortable as possible, the Student Resident Hall was renovated and expanded in 2002 and has single rooms with private baths and individual climate control; all rooms have private telephone lines and computer ports. The Student Union features a spacious dining room, snack area/lounge, smoker’s room, living room, recreation room, exercise room, computer lab (with adaptive technology for student use), and an outdoor patio.

If you are interested in applying for an America's VetDogs Service Dog, please read the following