America's VetDogs students come from all military branches and all eras.   

America's VetDogs was created in 2003 to answer the need for specially trained assistance dogs for combat-wounded service members who had been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.  However, VetDogs helps all American veterans who have served honorably, regardless of when or where they served, or how they became disabled.  The program was created and incorporated to give veterans easy access to the best services possible to improve their lives. 

The stories below are about the people who have broken down their barriers by making the decision to use an assistance dog to enhance their independence and mobility.  

You have our permission to reproduce and share these materials. Help us raise awareness for our programs by using this information wherever possible. 

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Thomas and Allen

Introducing Kelly and Amber
Meet Douglas and Lynn
Steven and Annabelle
Meet U.S. Army veteran Steven and his service dog Annabelle.
Jonathan and Sterling

Recent service dog program graduate Jonathan speaks about his experience getting his new service dog. To learn more about VetDogs, or to make a donation, visit

Mat and Raven
Air Force veteran Mat recently received his new service dog Raven. Learn about Mat's experience on class and how Raven will help with in his daily activities.

Joseph Worley and Galaxie
US Navy Corpsman Joseph Worley and his service dog Galaxie share their story from Benjamin's point of view. (credit TODAY)

Marvel Make me a Hero - Alex & Tara

Stacy & Charlie

Joe & Galaxie
Melanie Monts 
Learn about Melanie and the journey she took to receive her service dog from America's VetDogs.

Stephen N.
Vietnam veteran and VetDogs service dog program graduate Stephen Nelson is a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross,  a military decoration awarded to any officer or enlisted member of the United States Armed Forces who distinguishes himself in support of operations by "heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight". Here his story about his service to our country and what his service dog will bring to his life. 

Anthony and Tilly
Meet Sal and Sylvie
Earlene and Florence
Meet Earlene, a U.S. Marine and Navy veteran, and learn about her journey on being matched and trained with her new service dog Florence. 
Sy and Jono
In September 1944, Lederman and his unit – the 9th Armored Division – landed in Normandy. Very rapidly, they saw action; eventually the division was responsible for the capture of the Ludendorff Bridge (also called the Bridge to Remagen). For 10 days, the 9th Armored kept the bridge open, allowing Allied troops to move into the heart of Germany. Learn more about Sy and his recent journey to getting a new guide dog from VetDogs.

Eric and Lady
See how United States Veteran, and America's VetDogs graduate Eric L. works with his new service dog and the difference it will make in his life. 

Mollie and Nahoa
Service dog program graduate Mollie, a former first responder, speaks about her experience getting her service dog and the impact he's had on her life. 

Chad and Mikey
Chad first discussed getting a service dog with his occupational therapist because he was “feeling disconnected from people, even my family,” he says. “When I learned about the AVD service dog PTSD research study, I knew it was the right path for me.”

Sean Cogburn
Sean speaks about his service dog that is trained to help mitigate the symptoms of PTSD by providing the emotional and physical support that he needs.  A PTSD service dog can be trained to interrupt a night terror, retrieve an item, get help and much more. 

Peter and Anne Way and Rory 
Retired Army Major Peter Way and his wife Anne speak about the difference Peter's service dog Rory has made in their lives.

Bob Shoemaker and Vinney
Air Force veteran and recent guide dog program graduate Bob Shoemaker shares his story about making the decision to get a guide dog.

Stacy Pearsall
Hear how TODAY Puppy with a Purpose Charlie will help change Stacy's life.