America's Vet Dogs


Our Dog Programs

America’s VetDogs trains and places guide and service dogs to help veterans with disabilities once again lead active, independent lives. Not only does a guide or service dog provide assistance with daily activities, it provides the motivation to take on new challenges. People focus on the dog, not the disability. With a VetDog by his or her side, a veteran is never alone.

America’s VetDogs serves the needs of veterans with disabilities from all eras who have honorably served our country. VetDogs trains and places guide dogs for individuals who are blind; service dogs for those with other physical disabilities; and physical and occupational therapy dogs to work with service members in military and VA hospitals. It is accredited by Assistance Dogs International and the International Guide Dog Federation. For a dog to become a VetDog guide or service dog, it must meet our health, safety, and training standards.

Guide Dogs

A guide dog is trained to find and follow a clear path, maneuver around obstacles, and stop at curbs. A user with a guide dog gains enhanced mobility and independence.

Hearing Dogs

A hearing dog is specially trained to assist people who have encountered hearing loss. Hearing dogs can alert their handler to sounds around their home and in public. 

Service Dogs

A service dog is specially trained to help people who have disabilities other than visual impairment. A dog can be trained to provide balance, retrieve dropped items, open and close doors, turn on and off lights, or carry a backpack.

Military Facility Dogs

These specially trained canines are deployed in theater for active military personnel. They offer emotional support for servicemen and women dealing with combat stress, home front issues, and sleep disorders.

Prison Puppy Program

With more service men and women coming home from conflicts needing assistance dog, America's VetDogs needed a new avenue to train and provide dog to meet the increased demand. For the last 2 years, the organization has been working with select prison to help raise the dog that will eventually be provided to disabled veterans. 

If you are not a veteran, please reach out to the VetDogs Consumer Service office at 866-282-8047 to learn about your options.