Fireworks display over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Fireworks & Thunder

While there are plenty of dogs who aren’t afraid of fireworks or other loud noises such as thunder, either because they are either naturally easy-going, or because they were exposed to loud noises when they were young, fireworks and thunder can send other dogs into a stressed out frenzy.  The constant loud bangs and bright flashes may frighten or panic your dog.  Below are a few tips to reduce your dog’s fear during fireworks celebrations and thunder storms.

Create a safe place for your dog

Keep your dog inside and make a safe place for them if you are aware of an upcoming fireworks display or thunder storm.  This could be their kennel, or a cozy spot on the floor.  You may also want to remove any free objects from the room that could cause an injury – some dogs become destructive when frightened.  If the fireworks are close to your house, you may want to take them to a friend or family's house where the sounds won’t be as loud.  Also close all the curtains and blinds to keep out the bright light flashes and decrease the loud booms and make sure all the doors and windows are securely closed and locked.  You may also want to put down some training pads in case your dog gets excited and has an accident.

Exercise your dog

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise earlier in the day.  Several hours before the planned celebration, take your dog out for a long walk or run.  By getting the energy out, they’ll have less to exert during the fireworks and hopefully be less stressed.

Feed him 

Feed your dog a solid meal an hour or two prior the fireworks celebration. They'll feel relaxed and content like you do after a big meal.

Provide distractions

Try keeping your dog’s focus away from the fireworks or thunder by cuddling or playing with them. You can also give them a toy like a frozen treat to divert their attention. Try turning on the radio or the television to block out some of the loud noises.

Make sure your dog has proper ID

If you do take your dog to the fireworks make sure they are wearing an ID collar. Your dog may get scared and run off.  Always keep your dog on a leash and keep them away from where the fireworks are being set off.