Max Rohn served in the US Navy from 2007 to 2013. He was a hospital corpsman attached to a Marine unit. During his deployment to Iraq in 2009, his HUMVEE was hit by an anti-tank grenade. He spent the next four years at Bethseda National Naval Medical Center (which merged with Walter Reed in 2011 to become the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center). Max’s leg was not amputated immediately, but eventually the pain was too great and he pushed for his right leg to be amputated below the knee. 
Max has competed in the Warrior Games in track and field, swimming, wheelchair basketball, and seated volleyball. He has also competed in the US Paralympic World Championships. He attended and graduated from Penn State as a student-athlete while competing in the US Paralympics and the Invictus Games, where he won four gold medals for shot put and discus.
He decided to get a service dog “when I finally had to admit I needed help with my disability,” he says. “A service dog is exactly what I needed to treat my PTSD and problems with my daily living activities encountered with my prosthetic leg.” During his rehabilitation at Walter Reed, he saw how service dogs from AVD interacted with and helped other wounded veterans. When the time was right, he applied to AVD for his dog. 
Max trained with Luce in February 2022. Luce performs multiple tasks for Max: wakes him up and reminds him to take his medication; brings the liner for his prosthetic leg; creates space between Max and people in crowds and calms his anxiety. He also can do nightmare interruption if needed.