Pet Valu, a specialty retailer of premium pet food, treats, toys and accessories, has been raising money each March for America’s VetDogs with the sale of 2 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer at all its retail locations.  Throughout the month, Pet Valu customers will have the opportunity to purchase the hand sanitizer bottles for $3 each or as much as they wish to donate.  

Pet Valu has raised close to $600,000 for America’s VetDogs with the hand sanitizer program and other donations since 2014.  Because of its strong support, the specialty retailer has earned the honor of America’s VetDogs naming future VetDog, Porter, the official puppy of Pet Valu.  In addition, PetValu has sponsored three service dog teams,
Kent Phyfe and his service dog Mike, Tyler McGibbon and his service dog Trooper, and Jason Ditzler and his service dog Edgar.

“We’re proud to support the honorable services America’s VetDogs provides for disabled veterans.  With the generosity we’re used to seeing from our customer base, we expect to set a new fundraising record.”  Joe Dent, vice president and U.S. general manager for Pet Valu

An America's VetDogs service dog testing out the self grooming station.

The hand sanitizers include a carabiner for easy attachment to a leash or belt loop—a great way to keep your hands clean after picking up after your pet.  

The dogs trained by America’s VetDogs fulfill various roles in veteran assistance including guide dogs for individuals who are blind or have low vision; PTSD service dogs to help mitigate the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder; hearing dogs for those who have lost their hearing later in life; service dogs for those with other physical disabilities, and facility dogs as part of the rehabilitation process in military and VA hospitals.  
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For every donation of $3 or more, a minimum gift of $2.25 is donated to America’s VetDogs.