Payroll Deduction & the CFC

All civilian and military employees of the federal government can use the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a direct method of making financial contributions. 

Payroll deduction is a convenient way to help us provide guide and service dogs free of charge to those we serve.  With payroll deduction, you specify the amount you wish to give and your payroll department takes care of everything else!  You will receive a tax reference for your records.  If your employer offers matching funds, VetDogs receives an additional donation as a result of your generosity.

Find America's VetDogs in your campaign brochure by looking up our name.  If there is no index, check:

Campaign: Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Federation: Military Support Groups of America
Number: 81344

Campaign: State/Local Employees

Federation: Share America or unaffiliated agencies
Number: Varies

Campaign: United Way or corporate campaign

Federation: Share America, HSCA, or unaffiliated agencies
Number: Varies

If you are unsure how to name America's VetDogs as the recipient of your gift, or if you would like information on establishing a workplace giving campaign at your company, please call us at 866-838-3467.  We thank you for your support.