Introducing Tori

Hello Islanders fans!  I'm Tori, the new NY Islanders service dog puppy.Anders with Radar and new pup.

I’m so excited to be drafted by my favorite team!  I'm sure we'll become fast friends as you'll be seeing a lot of me as I spend the next 16 months with you.  I’ll be learning a lot so I can become a service dog, and one day be paired with a veteran.  I can’t wait to strut my stuff at practices, home games, and other special team events.  I've already made a great friend with the team and especially captain Anders. Later skater.

 July 29, 2019
Mom: Mame (Black Labrador Retriever)
Dad: Cactus (Yellow Labrador Retriever - I got me reddish coat from my pops!)

This little reddish/yellow female Labrador Retriever loves to watch practice with the boys, is very confident, and has stunning Long Island good looks.

Meet Lisa Rossano

Lisa and Tori cuddling up.When not volunteering her time with America’s VetDogs and the Guide Dog Foundation, Tori’s puppy raiser Lisa Rossano, keeps busy with her two sons, and husband of 33 years Ernie.

Lisa started volunteering at the Guide Dog Foundation 13 years ago when her boys were volunteering their time running and playing with the dogs in the kennel on weekends.  Prior to taking on this experience, Lisa volunteered in the nursey socializing new born puppies, is a member of the speaker’s bureau and adoption team, and is an Area Coordinator for Long Island puppy raisers. 

The first dog Lisa and her family raised was Toby, that experience has since led the family to raise 9 dogs, with Tori making it 10! Six of their dogs have been placed with Veterans and or visually impaired clients. Lisa and her family currently have four dogs at home; Guide Dog breeder Mikey, two released dogs, Bliss and Olympia, and of course little Tori.

“I think raising the Islander puppy with a purpose for America’s VetDogs is going to be my best adventure and a great privilege and honor. Just knowing that she is going to help a very special Veteran is the best feeling I could have.”

Islanders Partner With America's VetDogs to Raise Future Service Dog

Islanders select puppy to start service dog training, shoot fourth-annual pucks and paws calendar

New season. New puppy!

With future guide dog Radar closing in on completing his puppy raising journey, he'll soon be heading back to the Guide Dog Foundation begin his formal training to become a guide dog for someone visually-impaired, the New York Islanders drafted a new doggo to become part of the team. 

The Islanders new Pup with a Purpose is an adorable, female, 11-week old Labrador Retriever, who will grow up to become a service dog through America's VetDogs, to one day assist a veteran or first responder with disabilities. The raising will last between 14 - 16 months and will include on-site training at Islanders facilities, games and community events. 

It costs over $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and place one assistance dog; however, all of the VetDogs' services are provided at no charge to the individual. Funding comes from the generosity of individuals, corporations, and service and fraternal clubs.

Similar to last year, fans will have a chance to help name the new Isles puppy. Fans can vote on her new name here. Voting will run until Oct. 23 at noon and be announced on Oct. 24.  


The team picked the new puppy at the 4th annual 2020 Pucks and Paws Calendar photo shoot on Tuesday. This year's calendar will benefit America's VetDogs and will be available on Black Friday. Both Radar and the new puppy will be featured in the calendar along with other future service dogs from America's VetDogs. 


Follow the Puppy with a Purpose, and Radar's continued training, with our Puppy with a Purpose page

See below for photos of the new puppy.