A volunteer at the front desk answers the phone.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any not-for-profit organization.  Without the dedication, commitment, and support of these giving individuals, America's VetDogs could not accomplish our mission; last year, our volunteers donated more than 4 million hours of their time to help us serve people with disabilities.

Weekend puppy raisers are the most visible volunteers.  Who could resist having a traveling companion – a cute puppy with its bright yellow vest that states it is a “Future Assistance Dog”?  Puppies live with their foster families on weekends for 12–18 months, learning good house manners, obedience, and experiencing the “real” world.   

However, our volunteer family extends far beyond our weekend puppy raisers: we have individuals who act as advisers on our board of directors, work in our kennels, and host events to raise money for our programs.  They help out in the office or transport puppies and adult dogs.  They go on speaking engagements and lead tours, help serve meals when class is in session, and socialize with students during free time.

Learn more about the many volunteer opportunities below.